– About Yeastern Philosophy –

DSC02454Welcome to my blog!

My name is Ruke. I am a Japanese citizen currently living in the States.

Back in 2011, I was bit of a “health nut”. For my diet, I would borrow selectively from Veganism, Macrobiotics and Raw food diets. Of course butter, eggs and milk were not an option for baking and cooking. Maybe I was a bit over-paranoid about my diet and weight as I think back now.

In 2012, because of my husband job, I needed to move to Montreal, Canada where people are super nice and food enthusiasts. My idea of “healthy diet” wouldn’t have changed if I didn’t get to live in this city!

After living there for the wonderful 2 years, my husband and I moved to the states. Now I work in school administration in NY. It’s pretty reworking, yet it is also stressful.

In “Yeastern Philosophy”, I share how I strive for life balance by enjoying wild yeast bread baking, Healthy diet, Yoga, and anything that smells nice. I also would love to write random stuff I think of on a daily basis here in the States so that my friends in Japan and I can stay in touch!

If you have any questions, comments,or suggestions etc. and would like to contact me directly, you can reach me at: rukeyp@gmail.com









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