Candlemaking Workshop


Making wild yeast? Check. Baking wild yeast bread? Check. Making handmade lotion? Check. It’s always fun to learn a new skill, and one item on my “must learn” list was a handmade candle.

One good thing about NYC is that it offers everything. Finding the workshop was not hard at all. It actually turned out that the class was offered by my favorite candle store, Brooklyn Candle Studio. Their Apple cider candle is the best!



The class began by showing us how to make our own fragrances. This was fun, but it was the most difficult part of the lesson. There are so many different types of fragrance oils that it’s easy to lose track of what kind of scent you are trying to make.


Once you make your fragrances, the rest is really simple. You need to mix it with melted soy wax and pour it into a jar. While allowing the candles to cool, you get to make your own labels!


I was looking forward to using it right after coming back home, but apparently that’s not what you are supposed to do. Surprisingly, it has to sit for about a few weeks to let the scent bind to the wax. After 3 weeks of curing, I finally got to light my candle!


The instructor was really friendly and gave me some great candle making tips. I made the instruction sound really easy here, but candle making can be a serious business, like I never knew how important the size of the wick is!  So I think it’s good that I took the class instead of purchasing a starter kit.

If you are interested in making it but not really sure where to start, this class is highly recommended!

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Address: 67 35th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232








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